Welcome to Havana, Cuba


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Together, we walked the most historic streets and rarely visited corners of old Havana. We told stories of revolution, of Che and Fidel. Recently, we because the first organizations to explore Central Havana, a charming neighborhood that provides insight into everyday life in Cuba.

June, 18: We are OPEN

June, 18: We are OPEN

We are super excited to announce that Free Walking Tour Havana is operational again. For more information and booking, please click on the links below.



We will discuss number of historical events. Highlights:

Revolutionary Wars

Fight for independence. Political, sociological and guerrilla movements that led to struggle for independence

Cuban Independence

Fight for independence and overthrow of Batista's military regime. Hear the stories behind Che and Fidel

Post Revolution Period

Country went through significant transformation that resulted in fifty-five year embargo


We will visit some of the most important and historical places in the Old City. We will also venture out to areas that are not frequently visited by tourists, but provide a glimpse into everyday life in Havana. Highlights:

Parque Central

Parque central is our meeting point. It also marks the begging of Old Havana.

Calle Obispo

An important street built in 1519, only few years after the founding of Havana

Plaza Vieja

The first Plaza in the city. Built soon after the foundation of the city


We will discuss some of the most important people throughout Cuban history. Highlights:

Christopher Columbus

It all started in 1492 when Columbus discovered Cuba. Early explorers initially thought they discovered Asia.

Jose Marti

A national hero and a symbol of Cuban struggle for independence. He was a poet, revolutionary philosopher, professor, Freemason and political theorist

Fidel Castro

Revolutionary and a leader of the republic for over 50 years. Charismatic and highly polarizing figure all across the world